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Heating study

The heating study is one of the most basic factors for the reliable construction of any type of heating installation, whether it concerns a residential building or a commercial building. The placement of the heating emitters in a space must be done in such a way as to ensure efficient and as uniform as possible heating of the space.

Metal cutting

We provide you with faster, more efficient and cleaner cutting with our comprehensive range of metal cutting discs and tools.

Good quality guarantee

We believe in an overall quality framework, which is based both on our corporate characteristics and on ensuring a high level of professional relations with all our partners without exception.

Free delivery

We provide all our customers with free delivery of the products to their premises, on the same day.

After sale service

In our store, you will find direct and fast service with a smile. Proper product knowledge and proper presentation that always leave our customers happy. We will be there for you after the sale for whatever you need, even for repairs of old tools.

Telephone order

We are at your disposal throughout the day so that you can call us, ask for the products you are interested in and after informing you about the availability, proceed to complete your order.

Return products

If you wish to return or replace a product after purchasing it, all you have to do is come to our store to serve you.

Interest free installments

Based on a trust relationship with our clients, we provide you with the possibility of payment in installments without any additional charge.


Taking care of your comfort and satisfaction, we made sure that there is free internet access in all areas of the store.


We have a parking space right outside the store to improve and facilitate your service.